Denplan Essentials, helps you spread the cost of your routine preventive dental care, including check-ups, hygienist visits and x-rays, whilst also giving you the benefit of a 15% discount on our private fees should additional treatment become necessary.

The table below shows the options that are available with Denplan Essentials:

Treatment Items Private Fee Denplan Essentials

Option A




2 per year

Hygiene appointments


2 per year

Routine diagnostic x-ray(as clinically necessary)



Discount on further treatment



WorldWide Dental Insurance Cover*




Discounts on monthly fees are available if two or more people pay on the same Direct Debit.  The discounts are 5% for two people, 10% for three people and 15% as a top discount for four or more people.

As an additional benefit of moving to Denplan, you will automatically receive, as part of Denplan Essentials, worldwide dental injury and dental emergency insurance (Supplementary Insurance) as well as the support of a 24-Hour Dental Emergency Helpline (terms and conditions apply).